Reviewed By CBM Book Reviews on May 5, 2016
Awareness: The Hero Within (Volume I) by Yeral E. Ogando is the first of a suspenseful and powerful Christian fiction book relating the reality of spiritual warfare and the victory Christians have through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is story of man whose resolve is tested in spiritual warfare in fighting demons as he learns to use the gifts of the Spirit that enable him to gain insight into the invisible realm. Readers will be encouraged and strengthened as they learn about the gifts of the Spirit in this Christian fiction that will delight, yet unsettle some in our Western world that are not aware of the powers that rule the world. Exciting and fast-paced, you will not be disappointed by this well-written read, paralleling the fight between good and evil that is has been present since the beginning of the human race.
Meet Anthony Markson. Experiencing near death, he considers God for the first time seriously. Events unfold that reveal there is something else, a darkness manipulating his future, his marriage, his life that he is unaware of…until he becomes aware. Follow Anthony and other characters that intertwine in this saga, as the “hero” learns to become a mighty warrior to battle this invisible enemy through the power of the Spirit. An amazing, true-to-life, account of the real battle that lurks in the shadows of many lives. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite
In an intriguing and unique new book, Awareness: The Hero Within, author Yeral E. Ogando delves intomany of the questions and thoughts that Christians may have ponderedover the course of time. What powers do those who are Christianspossess? How can they use the gifts they are given to bring the gift ofGod closer to themselves and to show those gifts to others? Well, in Awareness: The Hero Within, those very questions are asked of ourprotagonist, and the answers received will help to strengthen readers’resolve, enlighten them, and give them hope for their own lives, all atthe same time.

I very much enjoyed Awareness: The Hero Within. Author Yeral E. Ogandohas done a great job in creating characters that his readers will relate to, connect with, and will come to care about, continuing to think ofthem long after the final pages have been read. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is. Any reader with a strongChristian faith, any who are curious about Christianity, or thoselooking for an interesting story with a great deal of action andadventure should definitely give Awareness: The Hero Within a chance. Iam pleased to recommend this book, and I certainly hope that authorYeral E. Ogando continues his writing in this genre. If his next book is anything like this one, it will certainly be worth a read.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Reader’s Favorite

What if the hero of your fantasies wasactually the whining, fearful, manipulated person within you? We live in a world of dualism and where there is darkness, there is acorresponding reality of light. Where there is evil, a seed of goodnesscan be sown. This book shows readers how to sow seeds of goodness andhow to make them grow to powerful proportions. Author Yeral E. Ogando’sAwareness: The Hero Within is an inspirational book that features theprototype of a spiritual hero. In this inspiring book, readers will come into contact with ordinary characters who struggle to rise abovemediocrity and conquer their inner freedom through spiritual warfare.Most interesting is how an individual’s contact with and surrender tothe Divine can usher them into a new perspective, invigorating andunveiling hidden layers of strength. This is a book that will teachreaders how to let God in and allow Him to be The Hero Within.

The book is written in a deceptively simple style and the language isvery accessible. The title can be misleading, making readers think theywould be reading sermons or some proven tips on how to awaken the herowithin them. However, the author uses the art of storytelling to usherreaders into a spiritual realm of wisdom that can transform their lives. Ogando’s characters are compelling and the book a page-turner. Mostreaders will certainly identify with the heroes, especially Anthony andBecky, who are all too ordinary but imbued with an inner light whosestrength will illuminate the lives of many. Awareness: The Hero Withinis an inspirational book that is unique in its style and excellentlyexecuted.

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Reader’s Favorite

Awareness: The Hero Within by Yeral E.Ogando is the story of finding yourself and inadvertently finding God.The goodness inside us never dies, we just choose to ignore it. We letworldly goods and stature distract us from what is important. Althoughthis novel is a “self-help” book, it is performing a dual function ofbeing a self-help book while keeping you entertained with a plot andstory that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story follows aman’s journey to find himself, his faith, his courage, his belief, andGod when times are hard.

Anthony, the protagonist, encounters God and his real journey begins.His path is very difficult, especially because he has the power to makechanges. With demons (figurative and literal) stopping him, only hisbelief and faith in God can help him achieve his goals. Times are hardand his enemies are getting stronger every single day. If he loses faith in God, he will lose much more than just his life. But can he keepfaith when the enemy surrounds him with no way out?

This is Christian fiction at its best. You will not find any other novel that has this level of beautiful and sometimes horrifying imagery.Ogando wrote some pretty terrific descriptions, especially of demons. Iliterally had goose bumps. I found Anthony the perfect protagonist. Hewas strong, vigilant and very, very human. He was brave, but he was notafraid of being scared. I liked that in him and I loved this novel.

Reviewed by Taylor Wadefor Reader’s Favorite

Awareness: The Hero Within by Yeral E.Ogando is a Christian fiction story about the spiritual warfare offighting demons. Because we cannot see the fighting going on all aroundus, sometimes we forget (or don’t believe) in the spiritual wars takingplace every day. Anthony has an okay life. He has a wife and a childthat he loves. But he feels like something is missing, as if perhaps hegave up on his life too soon and settled down before he was ready.Anthony’s sister tries to talk Anthony and his family into attendingchurch, but Anthony doesn’t think he is ready for that. Until an eventhappens that changes his life forever. Walk besides Awareness’ heroes to discover the gifts of Revelation. Power and inspiration can be achieved through the spirit and are used by the story’s heroes…all with God’shelp.

Awareness: The Hero Within is a unique story about spiritual warfare.This isn’t a topic you often see in fiction, so I was impressed with the way Yeral E. Ogando handled this topic. I liked how some of thecharacters were overtly Christian and others were not (especially at the beginning of the story). To me, this felt really balanced, and Ithought that was a smart move on Ogando’s part. That way readers ofdifferent levels of belief can read and enjoy this story because thereis a character who is like them in the story. Then, as the story picksup pace, the characters grow and change.

Reviewed by Renee Taylor Reader’s Favorite

Awareness: The Hero Within is aChristian fiction story by Yeral E. Ogando. Imagine the power thatChristians actually possess. Many people forget about the spiritualbattles taking place all around us, in the form of spiritual warfare through prayer and angels and demons. But in Ogando’s book, hefictionalizes this warfare and brings it to life, pitting demons against characters and vice versa. This is a Christian’s version of a superhero story with a character with incredible powers. But in this case, thepowers come from God. Only those who believe will be blessed with thesepowers. Sometimes it is hard to answer God’s calling, because there arechallenges every day that Ogando’s characters face. But if thecharacters can stay true to God’s word, then all of the blessingspromised will be bestowed upon them.

At first glance, Awareness: The Hero Within is written for a specificaudience. But that doesn’t mean non-Christians or believers of otherfaiths cannot enjoy this story. I liked how Ogando created Anthony as anon-believer and had his sister try to convert him into going to church. This is definitely something that most readers will be able to relateto. I thought it was a really clever way for Ogando to connect with hisaudience. And the idea of spiritual warfare is really awesome! This is a unique concept that I’ve never seen done before. There isn’t muchfiction written about this topic, so I was pleased to see the creativeway Ogando presented it to an audience.