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Have you ever wondered about the power we possess as Christians? Do you enjoy reading about superheroes and their powers? From The Hero Within Series – Awareness A Story that will excite your imagination, and inspire you to ask yourself “Who am I”… A Christian fiction book through spiritual warfare fighting demons.

Most of times we are not aware of the spiritual reality behind us, because we cannot see it. Awareness is an incredible story of Spiritual warfare for every Christian. It will remind you that the gifts of the Spirit manifest in spiritual warfare and through the battles, we face each day.

Let it unveil the reality behind our daily lives and show you how God’s calling can bring wonder to you and those around you. You will discover a spiritual warfare fiction story that will reveal to you spiritual battles in Christian fiction church.

Do you want to see how the power of God moves in our lives? Walk beside our hero through the challenges he will face each day that will test his resolve and strengthen your spirit.

Discover the Gifts of Revelation, Power and Inspiration in and through the Spirit in our Hero.

Learn how these gifts are used by our Heroes with the help of God. Grow in strength and knowledge alongside our heroes and embrace the growing process of the Holy Spirit.

Awareness will show you how people after nearly losing their lives are called by God to glorify His name through spiritual battle and fighting for other people’s souls.

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2 reviews for Awareness

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    Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

    In an intriguing and unique new book, Awareness: The Hero Within, author Yeral E. Ogando delves into many of the questions and thoughts that Christians may have pondered over the course of time. What powers do those who are Christians possess? How can they use the gifts they are given to bring the gift of God closer to themselves and to show those gifts to others? Well, in Awareness: The Hero Within, those very questions are asked of our protagonist, and the answers received will help to strengthen readers’ resolve, enlighten them, and give them hope for their own lives, all at the same time.

    I very much enjoyed Awareness: The Hero Within. Author Yeral E. Ogando has done a great job in creating characters that his readers will relate to, connect with, and will come to care about, continuing to think of them long after the final pages have been read. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is. Any reader with a strong Christian faith, any who are curious about Christianity, or those looking for an interesting story with a great deal of action and adventure should definitely give Awareness: The Hero Within a chance. I am pleased to recommend this book, and I certainly hope that author Yeral E. Ogando continues his writing in this genre. If his next book is anything like this one, it will certainly be worth a read.

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    Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Reader’s Favorite

    What if the hero of your fantasies was actually the whining, fearful, manipulated person within you? We live in a world of dualism and where there is darkness, there is a corresponding reality of light. Where there is evil, a seed of goodness can be sown. This book shows readers how to sow seeds of goodness and how to make them grow to powerful proportions. Author Yeral E. Ogando’s Awareness: The Hero Within is an inspirational book that features the prototype of a spiritual hero. In this inspiring book, readers will come into contact with ordinary characters who struggle to rise above mediocrity and conquer their inner freedom through spiritual warfare.Most interesting is how an individual’s contact with and surrender to the Divine can usher them into a new perspective, invigorating and unveiling hidden layers of strength. This is a book that will teach readers how to let God in and allow Him to be The Hero Within.

    The book is written in a deceptively simple style and the language is very accessible. The title can be misleading, making readers think they would be reading sermons or some proven tips on how to awaken the hero within them. However, the author uses the art of storytelling to usher readers into a spiritual realm of wisdom that can transform their lives. Ogando’s characters are compelling and the book a page-turner. Most readers will certainly identify with the heroes, especially Anthony and Becky, who are all too ordinary but imbued with an inner light whose strength will illuminate the lives of many. Awareness: The Hero Within is an inspirational book that is unique in its style and excellently executed.

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