God uses the weak to confound the strong; He uses everyday people to do heroic things through. So we know that it is God’s power within those people that is performing the supernatural heroic deeds. Moving along with the everyday hero theme let’s investigate three crucial keyword phrases: Ordinary people heroes, modern Christian hero, and modern day Christian heroes.

Our first keyword phrase Ordinary people heroes fits right into our theme in this article and lines up well with our 21st century lifestyles. We cruise to http://www.c-n-c.org/article/service.htm and we find an article written by Jacob Ninan called “Christian Service for Ordinary Christians”. Jacob infers that we are ordinary people heroes when we obey God in washing dishes, mowing the lawns or feeding our children. The world may look at these tasks as mundane and meaningless (even Christians think this way) but God seems them as honorable tasks because He told us to perform them and He is honored in our obedience which elevates us to heroic status in His eyes.

http://www.christianitytoday.com/women/2015/may/moms-ordinary-heroes-wear-milk-stains.html Author /mother, Amy Julia Becker, has excellent advice for us. Mothers are ordinary heroes just staying at home and running the household and taking care of their children and cooking dinner for their families. Mothers sacrifice a lot of time in the many functions they perform as stay at home moms. They invest years of their lives taking care of their families and they legitimately can be considered ordinary people who are heroes. Remember they are raising the future doctors, politicians and astronauts of the world. You see you don’t have to go out and win wars or discover the cure for cancer to be considered a hero. The ordinary people heroes are the ones that make the world go around.

The next keyword: modern Christian hero bring us to http://touchstonemag.com/merecomments/2014/02/cameron-franks-modernday-hero-christian-faith/ Cameron Franks turned an anti-Christian circumstance into a victory in Jesus. There was a school in, Cherokee County, Texas, where a high school teacher removed a poster with a bible verse on it because it was offensive to a student there at the school.

High School senior Cameron Franks didn’t like the decision so he took the poster and hung it at his home. He remembered that it was his mission to be bold for Christ. Reaching the point where he was tired of Christians being called hypocrites. So he made a bold stand which made him a modern day Christian hero; he decided to design a t-shirt to be a witness for the Lord. The shirt is red with these words on it: “Let GOD RULE your world, if you want GOD TO ROCK your world!” The shirt also features a cross on it.

Cameron was leery of the idea at first but God has blessed the sales of the shirt. The shirt has sold very well with thousands being sold across the country. Cameron needs to be applauded for his bold stand for Jesus Christ in a stained sin world. He reminds us that we all need to take a bold and unashamed stand for Jesus Christ in today’s godless world. One modern day Christian hero, like Cameron, can make a major impact for the Kingdom of God. Check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WeWontBeShaken?ref=br_tf and see the poster that started this journey for Cameron.

Look for www.christianhero.org  and you will find Christian resources and a new release: “The Hero Within.”

“We should never be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

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