We delve into the exciting world of Super hero powerssuper heroes and villains and the Christian hero’s journey. You know that superpowers go hand in hand with super heroes and villains. Without superpowers superheroes aren’t able to complete their journeys. The key to victory in these celestial battles  between good and evil is who has the more dominant superpowers and how do they use them in battle.

You cannot have a superhero who doesn’t have superpowers. The “super” in hero means that the hero has “super” powers. We can now look at some websites that offer valuable and fun information concerning Super hero powers. Starting with http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-mary-jo-odom-dull/the-trinity-superhero-squad/paperback/product-21766131.htmlThis book focuses on Christian superheroes for children and the name of the superhero group is the “Trinity Superhero Squad” which is also the name of the book featured for purchase on this site. The book was written   Dr. Mary Jo Odom-Dull. The plot of this book focuses on three Christian superheroes with Adam being the lead hero. Adam has powers to provide, protect and heal. These powers compare to the powers Jesus Christ was endowed with when He ministered on earth. The super powers imply God-like attributes that can be used to help the children of earth. The three Christian superheroes face modern problems and their unique calling card is that they are summoned by children when the children say the Lord’s Prayer. This book is a short paperback of 32 pages; a fairly quick read. The book costs $10.80 currently at a 10% discount.

The classic battle between super heroes and villains has been a theme in superhero books from the beginninghttp://www.comicbookreligion.com/?srch=religion-Christian_all is a refreshingly unique site about villains and superheroes. It lists real life TV superheroes, comic book superheroes and   religious comic book superheroes. They list villains and superheroes by denomination (Baptist, Presbyterian and many more…). You click on a category you want to read about or religious denomination (like Baptist) and the site pulls up a page about heroes and it gives the name of the hero then their religious affiliation. You can then click on sites under their pictures to find out more information about that particular hero or villain. This website has every villain and hero you could imagine in their listings. This site is a must read for any serious Christian super hero/villain fan. Showing the diversity of this site they listed one hero who had lost her superpowers; they describe what those former superpowers were.

Christian heroes’ journey-This link-https://books.google.com/books?id=ei9VM_c695YC&dq=animated+christian+hero+journey&source=gbs_navlinks_s takes the avid Christian Hero reader to a book titled “Forgiveness: The Hero’s journey” in which author Cindi Currier takes us on a universal Christian’s journey. Cindy the main character gets lost in the woods and fights off all types of witches, ogres and other types of beasts. She finally returns to the sunlight after victoriously defeating all her “forest” enemies by God’s love. Next, the author explores in simple phases anger, fear, shame and guilt. The hero’s journey is cyclical because it starts with a dissatisfaction with life then comes the battle to overcome wrong thinking and belief systems. Then the hero fights his enemies and then has a spiritual awakening. Finally the hero goes home and tells of his new found insights. Following this cycle anyone can overcome anger and shame finding forgiveness in God’s love.

Featuring Yeral Ogando’s new website www.christianhero.org  where you will find his latest work “The Hero Within” and many other priceless resources.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20

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