God has a history of having men, women or children who stand out as His generational heroes of the Christian faith, faith heroes of the faith or Christian heroes of faith. He empowers anyone whose heart is fully His to be that next hero of faith. Someone who will leave a legacy behind when their final curtain calls.

Heroes of Faith is a keyword phrase describing one who has totally sold their heart out to Jesus Christ These pillars of the faith walk in such a way with God; He sets them apart as victors in the Kingdom of God. We will investigate this site on Faith heroes. http://deeperchristian.com/heroesfaith-bios/ expounds on historical heroes of the Christian faith. The site features the series “Heroes of the Faith” a series of historical biographies including: “Amy Carmichael, Selfless Servant of India, “Charles Spurgeon, Prince of Preachers”, “Corrie Ten Bloom, World War II Heroine”, “Jim Elliot, Missionary Martyr” and” Jim Livingstone”. The site lists releases from August 2013, December 2013 and titles that will be released. The books are about 200 pages long and they cost about $5.00; they also come in Kindle format and are priced at .99 cents.

Moving to faith heroes of the faith; we look into http://www.torchlighters.org/episodes/episodes.php which offers episodes of faith heroes such as: “The John Wesley story”, he showed a whole generation how faith works. “The St. Augustine story” the voice of truth for the ages. “The Corrie Ten Bloom story” she showed supernatural forgiveness. “The Samuel Morris story” a young African boy inspires thousands of people. “The William Booth story” who can forget about the founder of the Salvation Army a ministry that touches lives all around the world. Not many have heard of the Heroine of the faith, “The Perpetua story” even wild beasts couldn’t shake her faith. Who can forget the missionary who helped 100 orphans escape out of China, “The Gladys Aylward story”? These are several of the episodes this site offers. They also have a book section on the site.

Finally, we come to Christian heroes of faith this site fits the bill for our third keyword phrase. http://www.christianheroes.com/ offers a little history on the churches of the United Kingdom and how they started churches all over the world. They have a people link that any user can click on finding a list of famous heroes of the faith. I clicked on Jim Elliot and the site gave a brief but comprehensive account of his life story. He wanted to be a missionary all his life and he went to college to achieve that dream. He established a camp in Ecuador to work with the Quechua people. Working with these people for three years, Jim and a few other missionaries reached out to the Auca Indians. They dropped gifts for the Auca people and decided it was time to make contact with them. They built a base and landing strip. They contacted the Auca tribe and radioed the missionary base saying they made contact. This was to be the last contact the base ever had with them. They found Jim Elliot’s body along with 4 other missionaries. There martyrdom made world headlines and the salvation of the Auca tribe eventually followed. Jim married Elizabeth in 1955; she carried on Jim’s work with the Auca people beyond his death. You will find other dramatic accounts like this one on the site. Do you enjoy reading about heroic and interesting people of the Christian faith? Then this site is for you!

Don’t forget to look up www.christianhero.org and find an interesting read called “The Hero Within” and you will find other interesting resources on this site.

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.”    Matthew 10:32

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