The Hero Within

Have you ever wondered about the power we possess as Christians? Do you enjoy reading about superheroes and their powers? From The Hero Within Series - Awareness A Story that will excite your imagination, and inspire you to ask yourself "Who am I"... A Christian fiction book through spiritual warfare fighting demons.
  Most of times we are not aware of the spiritual reality behind us, because we cannot see it. Awareness is an incredible story of Spiritual warfare for every Christian. It will remind you that the gifts of the Spirit manifest in spiritual warfare and through the battles, we face each day.

Let it unveil the reality behind our daily lives and show you how God's calling can bring wonder to you and those around you. You will discover a spiritual warfare fiction story that will reveal to you spiritual battles in Christian fiction church.

Do you want to see how the power of God moves in our lives? Walk beside our hero through the challenges he will face each day that will test his resolve and strengthen your spirit.

Discover the Gifts of Revelation, Power and Inspiration in and through the Spirit in our Hero.

Learn how these gifts are used by our Heroes with the help of God. Grow in strength and knowledge alongside our heroes and embrace the growing process of the Holy Spirit.

Awareness will show you how people after nearly losing their lives are called by God to glorify His name through spiritual battle and fighting for other people's souls.



  • Everyday Heroes

    God uses the weak to confound the strong; He uses everyday people to do heroic things through. So we know that it is God’s power within those people that is performing the supernatural heroic deeds. Moving along with the everyday hero theme let’s investigate three crucial keyword phrases: Ordinary people heroes, modern Christian hero, and…

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  • Definition of a Christian Hero

    Jesus Christ is the optimum Christian Hero. The ultimate human Christian hero   will be conformed into the likeness of the Lord. Let’s discover the meaning of a Christian hero, the Christian hero and a Christian hero definition. What makes a Christian hero? http://www.christianpost.com/news/angelina-jolie-hails-christian-war-hero-for-teaching-her-to-rise-above-adversity-in-wake-of-cancer-scare-136757/  shows us the essence of a Christian hero and the impact that…

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  • Christian Superheroes of Today

    We will explore super hero books, super hero stories and Christian heros in this article. There is something for every Christian fan in these three Christian reading genres. A healthy search on any of the above keywords will pull up a treasure chest of resources that offer different materials. Let’s get started. Super Hero books…

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  • Christian Superheroes in the Movies

    Christian superheroes are needed more now than ever in the movie industry. There are so many dirty, negative and just plain old unhealthy movies being made this day. God has raised up Christian superhero movies, Christian hero movies and hero Christian films to leave His mighty fingerprint in the industry. Christian alternative hero movies remind…

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  • Christian Superheroes have unique Super powers

    We delve into the exciting world of Super hero powers, super heroes and villains and the Christian hero’s journey. You know that superpowers go hand in hand with super heroes and villains. Without superpowers superheroes aren’t able to complete their journeys. The key to victory in these celestial battles  between good and evil is who…

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  • Christian Heroes at Large

    Jesus made many quotes in the bible about His Kingdom, death on Calvary and the nature of His Father. We can decipher His quotes in the bible by their print in red. The red print signifies that someone important is speaking. Jesus quotes can be considered Christian Hero quotes after all He is the greatest…

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  • Christian Faith Heroes for the Ages

    God has a history of having men, women or children who stand out as His generational heroes of the Christian faith, faith heroes of the faith or Christian heroes of faith. He empowers anyone whose heart is fully His to be that next hero of faith. Someone who will leave a legacy behind when their…

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